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SizeGenetics Penis Extender Discount

The SizeGenetics™ device is a penis extender, but it can also go by other names such as the penis stretcher and the penis enlarger. They have been around for decades, and work by placing a steady tension along the penis, and thus encouraging it to grow. This tension gently pulls on the penis over a long period of time, encouraging cell duplication to occur, in which new cells are created to help accommodate the penises’ new extension.




Go back even 10 years and the number of choices you had when it came to penis extenders was limited.

In those days all you could pick from was one fixed design and a noose, meaning you had a higher chance of suffering from slippages or finding that the design didn’t match the shape of your penis.

But these days things are a lot more different…

Recognizing that this design did not suit everyone, many top penis extender manufacturers have modified and adapted their designs to offer you more choice.

Take the following design improvements:

Silicon Noose vs. Comfort Strap – alongside giving you a silicon noose, penis extenders such as SizeGenetics also provide you with a comfort strap which reduces slippages and spreads the traction of the device over a larger surface area.
Comfort Technology – to account for the diversity of sizes, shapes, angles and the actual sensitivity of your penis, penis extenders now also offer such things as protection pad (to increase comfort where you use the noose or strap); fabric covered latex head grip (reduces rubbing and chaffing against the skin) and non-slip protech matt strap (to reduce slippage). Through these various combinations some penis extenders can offer you up to 16 different ways to wear their device.

MDA Technology (Multi Directional Angling) – SizeGenetics is one of many penis extenders that now incorporate Multi-Directional Angling into their design. By using this, you can comfortably wear their device no matter the degree of curvature in your penis.

Increasing the size of your penis is no longer limited to a small group.

No matter the size, shape, angle or sensitivity of your penis it is now possible to use penis extenders to apply traction to your penis, trigger cell replication and growth, and increase the size of your penis by inches.

Just make sure before you buy that the penis extender you are looking at can offer you more than 4 ways to wear their device, and that the device itself has been tested under clinical studies.

Are All Penis Extenders The Same?

Life would be a lot easier if they were but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Grab the top 10 penis extenders off the web and you’ll soon discover that their approach to penis enlargement isn’t entirely the same.

How do penis extenders work?

In general, penis extenders are designed to apply traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penis causing cells to break away and duplicate. As these cells accumulate this enables your penis to hold more blood, increase in size by inches, attain harder erections, reduce premature ejaculation and even decrease penile curvatures.penis-extender

Yet despite having this same end goal, not every penis extender is the same.

From using different materials to offering you various ways of using the device; these subtle difference could mean the difference between comfort and extreme chaffing.

So how can I ensure that I am getting the best?

The first step is to recognize that not every penis extender is built the same way. Take for example the following design options offered by SizeGenetics – not every device can offer these reassurances.

Materials – the SizeGenetics device uses Medical Type 1 materials to ensure that you are able to comfortably wear their device all day long. The device is also a certified medical device having been assessed under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC
Strap or Noose – most penis extenders offer you only one of these methods for wearing their device. SizeGenetics offers both so you can decide which is more comfortable. The noose for instance creates a loop under the head of your penis, before attaching to the device and applying traction. Now this design doesn’t work for everyone and can cause slippages (depending on the shape of your penis). Because of this, Size Genetics also offers the strap so you can escape slippages and benefit from the traction being spread over a bigger surface of your penis.

Angle – a lot of penis extenders fail to take into consideration that not every penis is straight, leading to discomfort when wearing the device. To overcome this, Size Genetics have adopted MDA Technology (Multi Directional Angling) so no matter the degree of curvature, you can wear the device comfortably.

Comfort – even with a strap, traditional penis extenders cannot guarantee 100% comfort for everyone. That is why many leading penis extenders have chosen to include Comfort Technology. Most penis extenders offer 4 different ways of wearing their device; however some such as SizeGenetics can offer you 16 different ways of wearing their device (due to their silicon noose, comfort strap, protection pad, fabric covered latex head grip and non-slip protech matt strap) so no matter the size, shape, angle or sensitivity of your penis, you can safely wear their device without discomfort or chaffing. For more information visit  www.sizegenetics.com.

And these are just the design elements…

When looking for a quality penis extender it is also important that you make sure that they can offer you the following:

Clinical studies – as a whole penis extenders have been widely tested and found to add inches to your penis (in one study 18 participants experienced average gains of 2.8cm erect and 1.9cm flaccid after wearing a penis extender for 4-8 hours over 6 months). However it is important when looking for a penis extender that you make sure that they can offer you proof that their penis extender can produce these results, and that their device has been tested.

Guarantee – guarantees are a great way of assessing the confidence of the manufacturer. The longer they give you on a money back guarantee, the longer you have got to test the device and see if it works. Now for optimal results, it is recommended that you use a penis extender for 6 months. For this reason, should they offer you less than 6 months, it may be for a reason i.e. it doesn’t work.

Your penis is an important part of your body and naturally only deserves the best, so before you invest in any product, make sure you keep the information above in mind and ensure that it is clinically tested, supported by a guarantee and is made from the best materials.

With the right device, you can experience the gains you crave.